Friday in Prague

My god I'm having so much fun! Let me tell you guys all about last night and today.

So after I arrived I went shopping with Portia. The wather was so lovley and I was so happy Portia went with me. I would be totally lost without her! 

We went out for dinner in the evening. It was a lovley place called Infinity restaurant and music bar. We had a really good meal there and then we went downstairs to have drinks.

Today we could just chill and go to the town. And it was so hot outside! Real summer-feeling. The town square was full of stands, preformers & people from all over the world. I could hear so many language. 

Later Rebecca-Louise had her fitcamp, anf it was amazing. Over a 100 people!! Can you imagine the energy?! It was so much fun. And yes; I could feel the burn Rebecca, lol!

And this evening we were invited to the Hilton hotel by Mill. Team member Eddie & Dan. We went up to the sky bar and it was so cool there! Good music, lights, energy, amazing drinks & so many people. 

Tomorrow we are finally going to the training, and I can't wait! It's gonna be so much new stuff to learn. 

Xx Tonje