Interview with my Athene!

My little chihuahua mix Athene is always by my side. So today I'm writing a little interview with her. Enjoy!

Name: Athene, but you can call me Princess Athene!

Age: 1 1/2 human years, and 19 1/2 in dog years!

Where do you live? : In North Norway with my mom and my dad.

What's your favourite toy?: My favourite toy is a small toy mouse, but all the stuffing inside of it is gone. But I love it more than any toy I have!

What do you love to eat?: I love to eat whatever mommy's eating, but she always get's mad when I try to eat her food..So weird! I'm pretty sure all dogs can eat curry chicken! ... or??

Who's your best friend?: Well, I have many! Of course my dad and my mom. But also my aunt, grandma and grandpa. And my dogfriends are Ronja, Luna, Ronald & Ludvik

What is your worst habbit?: My mom would probably say that I always come into her bed once she falls asleep, but I have to make sure that she is warm! My dad would say that I don't listen, but I have to make sure that he knows when something is going on outside. "Voff-voff". But I myself would say going into the bathroom is my worst habit... because after I walked inside, the door shuts and I can't get out. So mommy have to come and help me!

Do you like to be in mommy's pictures?: Sure, but you know that it's me who let mommy be in the pictures. I'm the one who get's the like's on Instagram! Lol!

 What do you do all day when mommy is at work?: I sleep of course! But if I get hungry or want to play I can do that. But once mommy leaves I get so sleepy. zzZZzz...

What do you do when dad is home?: I play with him! He is so funny to play with. He always run around, throws my toys and do all the fun stuff I love. Mom is not always that fun lol!

What do you wanna be when you grow up?: I want to be a big sister! ♥ To a dog or a human doesn't matter. 


Thanks for the interview Princess! Mommy Loves you

Xx Tonje