5 quick tips to stay on track!

It is hard to stay on track when you trying to loose weight or get fit. The temptations are everywhere. Junk food on TV, and right by the check out in the store. Friends inviting you to party, birthdays, and so on. Or maybe you work in a place where they serve junk food or sell it. No matter how hard you try, all you can do is keep your eyes on "the prize" no matter what. So here are my advice on how to keep on track with your exercise and your diet.

1. Meal prep!

Yes, prepping meals for the week or for some days can be very usefull to stay on track. Not only breakfast, lunch and dinner, but snack packs also! 

2. Be creative, and switch it up!

Don't eat the same or work out the same way 24/7. This will make you tired of the same routine, and you will fall back into old habits. Have some fish, some chicken and lean meat. Maybe try all vegan one day! Do cardio, go on a hike, mix it up and do whatever you love to do. But remember to challenge yourself. 

3.  Track your improvment.

Seeing results is always good motivation. And the numbers on the scale isn't always right. Take pictures and take mesurements. Then check once a week and write down the changes. 

4. If you can: do it with someone!

If you have a bestfriend, a family member or a boyfriend/girlfriend then do stuff together! Eat healthy together, work out together and help eachother to keep on track. 

5. Follow healthy people on social media.

Following healthy people on instagram, facebook, twitter or any other pages can help you stay on track. You always be reminded why you started, and you'll probably see tons of amazing recpies! And also you probably want to buy tons of new workout clothes because there is always so much cool stuff(just look at fitness accounts on Instagram). Lol! 

Do you have any smart tips taht you want to share? Please comment and let me know!

Have a wonderful day.

Xx Tonje