How to start your day!

There is no magic way for not being tired in the morning. Some of us are wide awake, and some of us are zombies till we have our morning coffee or tea. But today I wanna share some of my tips for a better morning!

1. Get enough sleep!

Go to bed early, and try to get a good night sleep. If you have trouble seeping, then try to drink some night tea or read a book.

2. Make a cup of coffee or tea!

Sit down and enjoy it, or drink it while you get ready.

3. Eat a good breakfast.

I myself drink my shake, eat a yoghurt or make pancakes. All packed with proteins and it keeps me full until lunch. Try to eat healthy, because junk food will only help you get some quick energy and not lasting energy. 

4. Listen to music!

Pop, rock, jazz, whatever you like. Listen to something that makes you in a good mood! Or even better listen to a motivation speach. It will make you feel stronger, I promise you. 

5. Have your clothes ready!

Have them ready in the bathroom and if your going to the gym after work then pack it the day before. It will help you get ready fast, and you won't have to make so many decisions in the morning. More time to enjoy it!

6. Have a moment with love.

Cuddle with your loved one, your pet, your child or just take a moment to look out the window ,be happy you are alive and appreciate your life. 

Have a wonderful morning and a good day ♥

Xx Tonje