Top 10 Instagram Fitness accounts

Today I wanted to share with you my top 10 favorite Fitness accounts on Instagram! I l love how much they inspire people, I love their pictures & they all look stunning. Here is my Top 10 list with links so that you all so can follow them!

1. Rebecca Louise Smith


My friend and mentor! But before that I was just a fan of her. She changed my life in so many ways & I just love her! Check out her Instagram and I bet you want to do a workout, and travel the world just like her! She is so amazing and a loving person. She speaks from her heart and all she wants to do is help people all over the world. How awesome is that?! All so her sidekick Alphie is super sweet and funny!

 2. Alexa Jean Brown


Mother, fitness coach & wife. She has a super sweet life, and she shares it with us all on Instagram. She is now having her second child and she is still working out like a queen! Go check out her videos, they are awesome.

3. Sarah Bowmar


Badass hunter & a fitness beast!(And I mean that in a good way) She shares pictures of huntingtrips & videos of her working out. Bowhunting, guns, outdoor, adventure & she can probably kick ass too,lol! So if you like strong girls with a passion for hunting you should defenetly follow her.

4. Cameron Diaz


Yes I know her bodybook IG isn't her working out or anything, but the profile is so inspiring. She shares food, quotes & other fitness profiles. And I love when people do that, because then you will know where to look if you need new inspiration. Cameron Diaz has all so used the account to show what her books are all about, and I think that is just brilliant marketing & a sneek peak for those who wanna buy the book!

5. Rachel Brathen


Aka Yogagirl, she has such a pretty IG! Full of yoga inspiring pictures, but all so living the good life in harmony with nature. She seem like a down to earth girl with a huge passion for yoga & teaching others. And just look at that super cute goat she has!!!

6. Chelsea Seaman


Her profile is all about Yoga poses. If you ever wonder if your doing any poses wrong, then follow her because her pictures are amazing! They show you what is right and what is wrong with text on the pictures. It is really helpfull. And all so good for beginners.

7. Camilla Aastorp Andersen


The Norwegian blogger & personal trainer. Her profile has a lot of beautiful & inspiring pictures. She has been posting some video's but mostley pictures of her life. Family,friends, workout's & food pictures. A healthy & happy girl that inspires other girls, what is better than that?

8. Kylan Fischer


Omg her profile is like looking at a magazine! Bright & light pictures with beautiful colors. I love it! She is a yoga teacher, as you probably can tell just by looking at her profile. Truly inspiring if you want to become more flexible, and find your inner strength.

9. Suni Sweeney


This girl is ripped! She posts workout pictures and nutrition pictures like a BOSS. She uses Herbalife (thumbs up) & she is rocking her business. She seem like a real badass babe, and I just love her profile. So if you are looking for inspiration to get that ripped body, this is the profile you should be following.

10. Lene Alexandra 


Lene is a norwegian girl that has done everything! She has been a model, a singer, she's been on dancing with the stars, she became a personal trainer, she has written a book & she's doing bikini fitness contest. She loves to inspire and motivate people, and her IG account compliments that. She is a strong girl who got her life back on track. Respect!

That's my Top 10, hope you got some new accounts to follow! And of course remember to follow me too on Instagram!❤

Xx Tonje